API Gateway Authentication Bundle

This bundle provides the necessary to authenticate a request based on a specific HTTP header.

It has been written to facilitate the authentication of requests from API Gateway.

This bundle relies on lexik/jwt-authentication-bundle and provide a specific KeyLoader.

The features it provides are:

  • Provides default configuration to work with API Gateway,

  • Has a failsafe mechanism for public key retrieval and embed the public keys of the default API Gateway in case of failure,

  • Provides a default UserProvider service and User entity,

API Gateway

The European Commission API Gateway service allows you to deploy microservices as APIs behind the Gateway.

The Gateway offers an added layer of security and multiple useful utilities such as:

  • API protection with tokens

  • API lifecycle management

  • API versioning

  • API traffic management & throttling

  • API analytics

  • API management automation

  • No hassle API publication with swagger

  • Store of APIs to reuse

This service is based on the open source project WSO2 API Gateway, in a distributed deployment with custom components.